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This isn't your typical affiliate network. As developers & affiliates ourselves we grew tired of other network's technology, tracking, and poor support. Our highly knowledgeable staff is always available and our affiliate software calculates EPC's & RPM's faster than that janitor in Good Will Hunting.

It's 2PM in the afternoon on Saturday...
You've done your research, you've worked for the past week split-testing a free credit score campaign, you finally found the traffic source to make it all work, you're practically printing money now. Your girlfriend walks in to ask if you'll take her to the mall, to which you frantically say "I can't make a 75k dollars at the mall today in my underwear!", then return to mashing your keyboard's F5 key like a maniac.

Then, the worst thing ever..
Suddenly, the advertiser's site you're promoting is down, no, how can this be? You call the CPA network's 800# and don't even get a voicemail message, you email them, you add them on Skype only to see they've all gone camping. You stop looking at Ferraris on EbayMotors and cry.

At Regal, we don't stop working, we're always available & we're here to help.

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We own many of our top performing offers...
Some of the highest performing offers on our network are owned by us, whether solar panel offers or payday loans, and we offer the best payouts possible to our affiliates & all the customization you'd ever need.

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In-House Offers

We have all the top performing offers as other networks, plus our own in-house offers at extremely high payouts.

Amazing Support

Our staff is very experienced & available when you need them to help you earn the most from all of your campaigns.

Best Analytics

Our stats and tracking show you exactly what's earning you commissions and what isn't, get the most from your data.

Super Affiliates

We treat all our affiliates like whales, every affiliate gets the highest payout available from day one, no playing games.

Smart Targeting

You'll never miss out with us, we'll make sure your traffic always earns you the most regardless of device/geo.

Mobile & Social

Our mobile solutions make sure you never leave money behind, monetize your mobile sites, apps and games with ease.

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In 2015, the majority of your website traffic is now mobile, not having mobile offers and not having mobile sales pages is going to put a massive dent in your potential income. Whatever device your visitor is on we always serve them the appropriate page for their device and location. We also offer tools and SDK's for virtual currency walls and content-locking solutions for apps, games, and your mobile websites.

Don't leave money behind, and see how truly catering to mobile can make a huge difference in your bottom line.


Virtual Currency Offer Walls...
If you have an online game or service and would like to offer a free and easy alternative to paying for your users, we have the greatest tools.

Reward your users with virtual currency or credits in exchange for trying new free games and apps on their phones. Our system takes care of everything, your users are instantly rewarded for the offers.

Content Locking Tools...
Do you offer valuable or unique content to your users, whether it's guides, ebooks, video or podcasts that you'd like to monetize, look no further.

With our smart content locking tools you can allow users to "pay" for your unique content, by doing nothing more than trying a free new game, watching a short video clip, or taking a quick survey.

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Advertisers Earn More with Us!

Contact us today to learn more about how our network of affiliates can promote your products and services in ways you never thought possible, earn more and worry less. We do all the work, get started with no risk.

  • No risk, highly targeted CPA campaigns
  • We'll help you with design and marketing
  • 1,000's of affiliates waiting to promote
  • Fantastic support by experienced staff

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    Our Affiliates Love Us

    Your success is our success, as affiliate marketers ourselves we'll do whatever it takes to help you, from customizations to fighting for the best payouts possible, and we also offer fantastic support.

  • Our team has decades of experience in marketing
  • In-House Solar and Payday loans with high payouts
  • 7-Days per week we offer support to affiliates
  • Amazing affiliate software, tracking and stats

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    We add amazing new offers constantly...
    We work non-stop with advertisers to not only find you the newest top performing offers, but to actively improve conversions and landing pages to make sure you're always earning the most. We're constantly split-testing our advertisers offers and our in-house offers to squeeze out every last conversion percentage.

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